Site Work Services

Gravel Driveways

Phil-dirt's gravel driveway construction service can improve the burb appeal of your home or place of business. Compared to concrete or asphalt driveways, gravel driveways cost a fraction of the price while lasting much longer (60 years versus 7 years for concrete and asphalt). In addition, gravel driveways absorb rain, preventing runoff and minimizing [...]


Phil-dirt provides fast and cost effective demolition services in Crestview, FL and surrounding areas. Our crew will come in, perform the necessary demolition, load all the demolition waste and other garbage into dump trucks, and remove it from the work site. We will leave your work site appropriately cleaned and ready for the next [...]

Land Clearing

Phil-dirt is the premier land clearing contractor in Crestview, FL. With over 30 years of history in the Okaloosa County community, we have the equipment and experience to tackle even the more complex land clearing jobs. Land clearing includes the removal of trees, shrubs, grass/weeds, and stumps. It often performed before large landscaping projects [...]


Phil-dirt proudly offers excavation services to Crestview, FL and surrounding areas. We have excavators and bobcats that allow us to tackle even the more complex jobs. We have experience in various types of excavation work, including but not limited to: Cut and Fill Excavation In this type of excavation, Phil-dirt removes topsoil and earth [...]